Road Bikes

Lightweight, Skinny Tires, and Designed for Speed

The Venerable Road Bike

Over the past decade or so, the traditional multi-speed road bike has seen a revolution of sorts. The traditional drop bar, 10 speed, narrow seat, skinny tire bicycles have all kinds of cousins designed to uniquely provide you with the bicycle you need for your specific purposes and taste. Racing machines that weigh about the same as a small puppy and equipped with space age components can sell for up to $10,000. Starter comfort or hybrid bikes with excellent equipment are available for under $500. And the colorful, popular fixed gear bikes offer a completely different experience for commuting or trick riding.

On this page we will concentrate on multi-speed, light weight, drop bar bikes. As the industry names have evolved, it is this bike that today is called a “road bike.” We have dedicated pages for comfort/hybrid bikes, fixed gear bikes, and cyclocross.

Entry Level Road Bikes

At Pat’s 605 Cyclery, we offer entry level bikes from Trek and Giant. The Trek 1.1 starts you off with an aluminum frame and forks, alloy rims and hubs. The Shimano drive train includes a Sun 8 speed cassette which, combined with the two speed set up at the crank, yields 16 gears. This provides you with plenty of range for maximum down hill speeds, and easy climbing.

From Giant Bicycles, we have the Defy 5 at the entry level. Giant has been packing a ton of great components into an outstanding price point. You may want to ride a couple of these bikes to see which one feels best to you.


Stepping Up in Performance

Each of the Bikes above from Trek, Giant, and KHS provide variations of the base bike with better and better equipment. For instance, Trek offers the 1.2 that includes:

•Shimano Sora 9-speed shifting

•Shimano Tiagra rear derailleur

•Bontrager Approved carbon fork


Rounding out the line is the 1.5. With this bike you move up to Shimano Tiagra STI, 10 speed shifter, and matching Shimano Tiagra 12-30, 10 speed cassette. The 1.5 also comes with an upgrade on the tires to Bontrager R1 700 x 23c

The Giant Defy 3 offers five upgrades over the Defy 5:

•9-speed Shimano Sora componentry

•Giant Sport alloy stem 31.8, handlebar and seatpost

•Giant S-R4 front- and rear-specific tires


The Giant Defy 2 adds:

•10-speed Shimano Tiagra componentry

•FSA Omega crankset with Press-Fit bottom bracket


And the top of the Defy line, the Giant Defy 1 has these added features:

•10-speed Shimano 105 componentry

•Giant Connect Composite seatpost

•Giant P-R3 front- and rear-specific tires