Beach Cruiser

The Beach Cruiser The beach cruiser bicycle was originally designed for leisurely beach riding in the 1930’s. The cruiser is an upright bicycle with basic steel frame, single speed drive train, and balloon tires to resist sinking when riding on beach, sand, or other soft terrain. Cruisers have enjoyed popularity from their introduction until the present day.

The 1970’s-1990’s saw a decline in these bicycles as the two-car family became the norm, and fewer people were riding for leisure or running errands around town. Since the mid-1990’s however, they have become the bicycling comeback kid. The contemporary interpretation keeps the classy retro styling. Today they are one of the hottest bicycles on the market, appreciated by a broad range of riders for casual or short rides.If comfort, affordability, mechanical simplicity, and plenty of style are your priorities in a bicycle, look no further than the beach cruiser. Because its simple design makes it suitable for modification, the cruiser is a favorite of designers and tinkerers. The cruiser base has served as the platform for many innovations in bicycles including the earliest mountain bike models, BMX bikes, commuter bikes, lowriders, and chopper style bicycles. While the cruiser that baby boomers remember riding as kids were single speed, today’s beach cruisers have developed with more than merely seaside pedaling in mind. Available features include multi-speed drivetrains, suspension seat posts and forks, plus fenders, and super cushy seats.

People who own cruisers love comfort and flair, and no cruiser is really complete until accessorized with special baskets, seats, bells, and seat covers. Customization is wildly popular in cruisers, including amazing colors, special paint details, modifications, and custom lights for maximum beach or street style. Cruisers are popular with recreational riders of all ages because of their affordability, simplicity and comfort. Times have changed since their birth in the Great Depression, but cruisers remain among the most affordable bicycles for everyday people. If you want to get the great benefits of cycling for fitness, running errands, or the enjoyment of lazy beach rides, the cruiser offers a relaxed ride at a low price. Consumer Reports recommends purchasing your bike from a local bicycle retailer rather than a big box store who cut corners by selling bicycles that do not hold up to regular riding conditions. Even a low-priced cruiser at a quality local specialty shop will be made with good components that will last you through the years. One such bike line, Electra, has long specialized in cruiser style bikes, bringing their patented flat foot technology for comfortable upright riding. Never short on style, Electra cruisers are available in a number of expressive designs from the charming European-inspired Amsterdam to the racy Rat Fink chopper.

Phat Bicycles combine eye-popping colors and a cool California minimalist look. Their 3-speed pinstriped motorcycle-inspired Jalopy has drawn lots of attention. We have a number of great cruisers from other well-known manufacturers including Trek, Nirve, American Flyer, Giant and Skull and Bones. Check them out on our website, or come in and take one for a spin.