Mountain Bikes

Rugged, deep-treaded, durable, high-performance, all-terrain- The inexorable Mountain Bike One of the fastest growing and evolving areas of bicycling in the past 30 years has been mountain biking. Mountain biking has gone from a niche hobby to a popular competitive sport with an international championship.

The 1970’s mountain bike, a clunky modified cruiser, has evolved into a light-weight machine with high-tech outfitting and many subtypes for the many variations of the sport that have emerged, including cross-country, endurance riding, single track, technical trail, downhill, and dirt-jumping.

Whatever your style, budget, or experience level, all our mountain bikes are made with quality components that will survive tough riding, bringing you years of adventure.

Suspension: For those who want a light-weight, economical, efficient ride with the least amount of maintenance, we offer several models of hardtail mountain bikes. Dirt-jumpers love our tough, fast-pedaling, no-fuss hardtail models, and they also do well for off-road trails, single track and racing. Hardtails are great for beginners who want to learn the feel of different terrain and don’t want to spend a lot of money. They are still the preference for many racers and experienced off-road cyclists who love a light, responsive, no-nonsense ride.

If you want unparalleled comfort, traction, and control, with maximum speed when plunging down a mountainside, check out our full suspension models. Full suspension models have seen great advancement in the past few years, making them the most popular mountain bikes. They are now almost as light as rear suspension models, and very smooth on uphill climbs.

Hardtail models: Our hardtail models include the Trek Superfly: Everything about this bike is fast: it combines the optimal efficiency of hardtail and 29er wheels. Available in carbon, aluminum, singlespeed or geared design. The Superfly is super stiff and responsive with its E2 tapered headtube and incredibly stiff rear end to power you up. This bike has many customization options depending on your budget.

Cross-country riders love our Trek Superfly 100: Trek’s Superfly 100 can tackle the most demanding technical trails an excess of momentum and overall efficiency. Featuring 29ers, offset-fork design for improved handling, and option of three carbon models and three aluminum models. With all the customization options, we can build you the perfect Superfly 100 for your preferences and ride style.

Trek 29er Race Hardtails: Trek has put in over 10 years of research and development into these new 29er hardtails making them the fastest and most performance driven on the market. Its efficiency and technical abilities are unmatched. With an offset fork and finely tuned frame geometry it allows for seamless handling while maintaining high speeds. Roll over the toughest obstacles better with these truly elite 29er mountain bikes.

All hardtail lovers will appreciate the Trek 9 Series: an ultimate 26″ race hardtail. Weighing in at just 1000 grams the 9.9 SSL frame is light and nimble. With the E2 tapered head tube is a perfect balance of stiff and responsive. Designed to be a leader in single-track performance this mountain bike is virtually unbreakable with extreme durability in any climate.

Full-suspension models: If you want a full-suspension bike designed for unsurpassed climbs, check out the Trek Remedy: A ruthless climber, it is awesome on the descent as well. Featuring smooth-controlled suspension, and geometry for maximum control at high speeds, this bike is versatile and unstoppable. Trek Top Fuel is top performance suspension, lightweight design, and balanced feel. Their Full Floater design uses two independent articulating links which create a more highly tuned shock. Its 100mm of suspension is perfectly balanced for race precision. If you are looking for a true winning machine, this is the bicycle for you.

Trek Slash Descend steep hills at high speeds without losing any control, riding this sleek, lightweight bike. It’s two-chamber DRVC shock has coil shock performance knows how to engage the second chamber all on its own so you don’t even have to think about it. It’s a downhill trail riders dream with its supremely lightweight design with optimal pedalability.