Turnbull Canyon – 7th St Loop – Rattlesnake – FireTank Rd Trails

The connecting trails around Turnbull Canyon  are a huge mountain bike playground.  It’s a vast combination of interconnecting trails, loops and fire roads ripe for exploration.

This complex of trails and loops kind of looks like a “figure-8” and is about 8 miles long with 1600 ft elevation climb. If your adventurous you can cross over Skyline Drive and go over to Worsham Canyon Trail and add another 4 miles to your ride!  Park along Beverly Blvd / Friends Ave, watching for the “Preferred Parking” zones. Take Rose Hills Fire Rd to the top, and past the rusted, graffiti-covered water tower. Then down the back-side, to the awesome drop of 7th St Loop. If you still have energy explore some of the offshoot trails.  Enjoy!