The Worsham Canyon Trail

One of the little known hidden gems of Whittier are the trails up in the hills.  First up is my personal favorite, The Worsham Canyon Trail.  You will find the trail head at the end of Philadelphia St.  Take Philadelphia st. past Painter, through Whittier College into the hills until it dead ends.  Facing north you find this gated entrance.  Just hop over.

Trail Head Entrance:    “A”

From the gate, the loop is approx a 4.5 mile hike.  From the trail head head up the hill about 1/2 mile to the fork at “B” on the map.


I usually take the right fork on this trail.  You’ll have about a mile of gentle switch backs before you have to start climbing again.  It’s a nice breather after the climb up.   If you like a challenge, take the left fork and you’ll have about a 1.5 mile climb to the top.  You will encounter a few other trails on this hike.  If you take the right fork, always remember to stay left.  If your ambitious and take the left fork, always stay right and you’ll return to this spot.


In the springtime, everything is in bloom.  Here is the view of the right fork.  Your goal, the power line towers on top of the hill.  That’s the half way point.



Here is the view to the left when you climb out of the canyon and reach the fire road. Head uphill to the top tower.  My iPhone records the height at 1200 feet.  The highest point on this hike.   Always make a left at each fork and you will return to your starting point.  If you decide to go right instead, you’ll end up at Colima and the walking trail just north of Mar Vista.  Another great hike, but a long way back on foot.  A nice future ride on your mountain bike.

The top tower is the highest point of this trail, point D on the map, as well as your half way marker.  From here it’s down hill all the way!


As you descend you’ll have fantastic 360 degree views of Whitter and Los Angeles.  Point E on the map.  On a clear day you can see Catalina and Santa Monica.


On a mountain bike or on foot, this is a fantastic trail.  We are half way down at this point, point “F” on the map.   There are forks to other trails along the way,  continue to stay to the left and you’ll return to the trail head at Philadelphia St.

As you descend, you’ll approach some homes in the Hadley Hills neighborhood.  You’ll make your final left and travel about a 1/4 mile and return to point “B” overlooking the Whittier College football field and down below you’ll see the trail head gate at Philadelphia.  From the gate at the end of Philadelphia, this is about a 4.5 mile hike with an ~ 900 foot elevation accent.  ENJOY!

 * * * Next time we’ll tackle the trail head at Turnbull Canyon * * *