Monrovia Canyon Park Ride

Thanks to Charles Russell for sending this one in:

Intermediate to Advanced Road Ride / 38 miles / approx 1200′ elevation climb

Monrovia Canyon Park map
Pico Rivera Golf Course
3260 Fairway Dr, Pico Rivera, CA 90660

This ride starts at the Pico Rivera Golf Course.  Plenty of parking and easy access to the San Gabriel River Trail.

  • Hop on the San Gabriel River Trail and head north.
  • Once you pass the Golf Course and Dam you will come to a fork, approx .5 miles
  • You have a choice, straight up the San Gabriel River Trail, or take the Rio Hondo Bike Trail left
  • I prefer the San Gabriel trail.
  • You’ll have a 14 mile ride up and over the Santa Fe dam and exit the trail at Encanto Parkway
  • Make a left on Royal Oaks Dr for two miles
  • A quick Right on Winston Ave. and a Left on Lemon
  • In a mile make a right on Mountain Ave and head north for 1 mile
  • Make a left on Greystone Ave. and a right on North Canyon Blvd
  • N Canyon Blvd will veer to the right in about half a mile and heads off into the hills
  • How far up you venture is up to you and your legs.
  • On your way down, you can backtrack or complete the loop and return via the Rio Hondo Bike trail.  Heres the link to the Garmin Track if you want to map out the loop for yourself  Enjoy!

Disclaimer – Ride at Your Own Risk

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