Bike Repair – Maintenance & Tuneup

Repair24 Hour Turnaround on Most Bike Repairs

It is our goal to get you back on your bike so you can enjoy it.  Therefore, our policy is to get your bike back to you the very next day if possible. There may be the very unusual time when we have trouble with some part, or just get overwhelmed with work. But we will always let you know of such exceptions.

At Pat’s 605 we also want to be your bicycle consultant. There are times when it just doesn’t make sense to repair an old bike. There are times when an upgrade is called for, not just a replacement. We will tell you all your options and give your our best advice. We’ve been a trusted community resource for over 60 years and can provide you with truly expert direction.

A Message from our Bike Service Department

A well-adjusted and maintained bicycle becomes an extension of your own body, making you more nimble, sleek and graceful. A bike tuneup will also make your bike ride easier and last longer.

At Pats 605, we can help you maintain and upgrade your bike ride to ensure safe and enjoyable cycling. Whether you are a commuter, a weekend warrior or a determined athlete, we are here to keep you on the road or trail as long as you are ready to ride.

Whatever your bike service maintenance needs, we can help you. We can build your custom dream bike or restore a vintage bicycle. Tailored upgrades and hand-built wheels are our specialty and keeping you riding smoothly is our passion. Visit us for the best bike maintenance services – from men’s and women’s road bikes to commuter and multi-sport bike services.

At Pats 605, we focus on safety and quality. We’ve partnered with some of the best vendors in the bike industry.   Our full-service bike mechanics will provide you with an accurate assessment of your bicycle repair needs, and we will always offer you the best options possible to get the repairs you need to keep your bicycle running for as long as possible.


Maintenance Packages

Quick-Tune – Includes a safety check of the bike with precision brake and derailleur adjustments, lube the cable system and bike chain, air up your tires, and you’re ready to ride. The price for the Quick-Tuneup is $39.99

Pats 605 Basic TuneUp – Includes a safety check of all components and structure of your bike, as well as precision adjustments to the  braking, shifting, and steering systems.  We will true your wheels, check your Headset and Bottom Bracket and make any needed bearing adjustments. Finally, a wipe down to extend the life of your components.  The price for The Pats 605 TuneUp is $59.99

Pats Major Overhall – We take the bike down to the frame, adjust all components, advise on any parts that need to be replaced, and rebuild it. The price for The Pats 605 Major Overhall is $139.99 + the cost of any parts that need replacement.

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* * * Save $10 on a Basic Tune-Up (Regular price: $59.99) * * *