Local Knowlege – Share your favorite Bike Routes and Trails

Do you have a Smartphone??

Do you map and track your rides???


Help us create a catalog of great bike paths and trails in our area.    Take a picture of the trailhead or beginning of the bike path.  Map your ride with a GPS app in your phone and send it to us.  Feel free to take a few scenic detail pics along the way, along with a picture of the end of the trail.  Include a few details:  trail name, distance, difficulty, location and directions finding it.  If you make the cut, we’ll post it on our site for all to share and enjoy.  Dont forget to include a picture of yourself, or your group,  so we can give you credit!

Email your map and info to ***mapmybikeride@gmail.com***

If you dont have a GPS app, we love  MotionX GPS  for the iPhone.  We’re looking for something similar for Android.  Any suggestions, drop us a line.