About Crowd-Sourced Ride Info

Disclaimer – Ride at Your Own Risk

This website provides information for the public on bicycling opportunities in the Southern California region. These sample rides are crowd-sourced. That means they have been submitted by riders in the area. We are re-publishing them with permission, to share with everyone some of the possible rides in the area.

We haven’t tested each route!   So, we recommend you check the route against your maps, make sure your bike is in good working condition, wear a helmet, and above all plan your trips BEFORE you head out.

The user of this information assumes all risk for any injuries or difficulties that may result. Bicycling can be a dangerous activity and regardless of what is presented on this website, users always engage in recreational activities at their own risk. Bicyclists using this website and related links and materials assume the responsibilities and risks for their own safety when bicycling on the suggested roads, routes, loops and trails.